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Just Say No to Brad and Jen Redux

Bradd pitt and Jennifer Aniston

After the Screen Actors Guild Awards ceremony this past week where both Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston each won best acting awards in their respective categories and were seen by millions being friendly to each other, the Hollywood and gossip sites were aflutter with their eternal buzz of the possibility that this former husband and wife might rekindle their romance. Video of Pitt admiring Aniston accept her award went viral and everyone gushed.

Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton

As much as we love the second-chance-at-love troupe, this is not Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor redux. Let’s not forget that Pitt cheated on Aniston on the international stage with Angelina Jolie (he claimed that nothing happened between them until he was divorced), with whom he co-starred in a movie while he was married to Aniston. He later married Jolie, and Aniston married and divorced Justin Theroux. Pitt and Aniston appear to have come to terms with their past, but no woman who has been so publicly dissed should ever be encouraged to put herself in that position again.

Elizabeth Taylor and Eddie Fisher

So, instead of Burton and Taylor (who did remarry after a divorce), thin of this as more akin to what happened to Debbie Reynolds and Eddie Fisher (Carrie Fisher’s dad). After he’d left Debbie for Elizabeth Taylor, and she’d left him for Burton, with whom she co-starred in movie while she was married to Fisher (sound familiar?) would we have encouraged Debbie Reynolds to reconnect with Fisher later in life? I think not.

So let’s just be glad Pitt and Aniston have managed to find their peace with each other, that they both seem to be reaching an acting peek at this point in their lives, and be amazed at how incredible they both look in their fifties.

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