London Gay Bar Raises Money for Australian Wild Fire with Marathon Drag-a-Thon

January 13, 2020


A gay bar in London has organized a 12-hour drag-a-thon as a fundraiser to help the recovery of the massive bushfires in Australia that have already killed more than a billion animals, and 24 people.  In addition, more than 2,00 homes have been destroyed and 25 million acres of land have been laid to waste. 


The fundraising drag-a-thon is scheduled for January 26th, which is Australia Day in England.  The event will take place at the Two Brewers Bar, which has been serving the South London LGBTQ+ community for 35 years, and will feature 17 acts who will perform from 2:00 in the afternoon until 2:00 in the morning.  Two of the performers, Karla Bear and Shae G’Day are both Australian-themed drag performers so they bring an authentic texture to the event. 


The entry fee is only eight pounds, but patrons can also make donations at the bar and a separate fundraising site has also been set up. Even American can make a donation through this link here


If you are in London, you can visit here,


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