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Rival Coffee Shop Closes for a Day to Raise Funds for Competitor Diagnosed with Cancer

Dave and Tina McAdams opened their coffee shop a year ago and are active in their Oregon community.

Oak Grove, Oregon sounds like an awesome place with neighbors that are even better than those in a Hallmark Christmas movie. When the owner of one local coffee shop was diagnosed with terminal cancer, the owner of the other local coffee house closed her shop and raised nearly $4,000 for her neighbor!

Dave McAdams opened the Local Coffee Shop with his wife a year ago and was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Upon learning of Dave’s diagnosis, his wife wanted to spend every moment possible with him. Pixie Adams, the owner of Moonlight Coffeehouse, the other coffee shop in Oak Grove, decided to close down her shop for a day to help run The Local Coffee Company to give Tina a day off to be with her husband and fundraise for the couple's business and medical needs.

Pixie created the “Moonlight Takeover Fundraiser” on social media to advertise the event. “If you don’t know, Dave McAdams has spent years working to support the local Oak Grove and Milwaukie communities through volunteer work, non-profit work, sports coaching and sadly, is now in hospice care as he bravely faces a terminal cancer diagnosis. And that means their family needs our help!” the notice read. “I think they thought it was a little crazy,” Pixie told Yahoo Lifestyle. But she managed to raise nearly $4,000 for her neighbors in one day!

Pixie was a breast cancer survivor herself. She opened her coffee shop just two weeks after her last cancer surgery in 2017, telling Yahoo Lifestyle, “I wanted to surround myself with a good community.” According to Yahoo, she considered her own illness when making the decision to help out her neighbor. “I thought about what my cancer journey had been like, how hard it was to juggle and balance treatment and time with family and business,” she told Yahoo Lifestyle

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