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An Angel with Rainbow Wings

Featured Ellis Roberts-Wright

For those who don’t know, the holiday season isn’t the jolliest for some folks of the LGBTQ+ family. Many LGBTQ+ individuals face passive aggressiveness, discrimination, or worse: outward rejection. But Ellis Roberts-Wright decided to do something about it this year.

So it seems, from time to time, there are little angels watching over us, helping us along this very wild journey that is life. It seems a certain rainbow with angel wings has been looking out for the LGBTQ+ people.

Three years ago Ellis Roberts-Wright, a trans person living in Devon England, started the Rainbow Cards project, a special project that sends Christmas cards to LGBTQ+ individuals who have been thrown out of their homes. In the first year of their project, Ellis sent out 30 cards to people in nine different countries. Last year, Ellis sent 4,000 cards to people in 30 different countries. This year, they sent twice that many cards – more than 8,000 cards to people in 35 different countries, according to their crowdfunding website.

“I knew I could never replace someone’s relatives, but I figured I could reach out with a little kindness and help them feel like a part of a bigger family; a family that doesn’t care who they love or how they identify – the international, multi-racial, hundred-language-speaking family that so many of us find within the LGBTQ+ community.”

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