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The Gift of Homosexuality

The holiday season is the season of gift giving, so why not give your family the gift of your honest and true self? That’s what one teen decided to do a few years back in 2017 when he came out to his family.

For 2017, one imgur user decided to give the gift of homosexuality for Christmas by creating an elaborate gift that’s a great mix of funny and serious metaphors.

The imgur users first photo featured a box, with marker drawn doors on the flaps. The box clearly resembles a closet, for an obvious reference to being in the closet.

And when you open the closet doors… out comes a mini me of the imgur user, at the foreground of a background with the words “I’m Gay” written on it and decorated with a rainbow. To make his gift even more obvious, the imgur user made it so the box swings open just in case you missed the very obvious message of “I’M GAY.”

He wrote, “Christmas is about family. Coming out means sharing a deeply personal secret with the family. Sounds like it has a lot to do with Christmas. [He is giving a very personal gift to the family. I think it’s awesome providing the family is accepting.

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