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Christmas Saved for All: Hallmark Channel Reverses Decision To Remove Same-Sex Marriage Ad

You’d figure the Hallmark Channel, a company that makes most of its money around the holiday seasons, would behave a little better while under the holiday spotlight. Just a few weeks ago, Hallmark was under the fire of a faux petition created by LifeSiteNews, a Catholic anti-abortion news outlet, after the company swore they’d be looking for pitches for LGBT movies in the coming under. Maybe in the spirit of the jolly holidays that’d keep to their word? Well, no.

At the beginning of last week, Hallmark decided to take down an ad from an online-wedding firm Zola, which “showed two women getting married and pondering how their wedding might have improved with the use of Zola’s services.” Hallmark justified their decision by insisting they wished to “avoid controversy,” after conservative advocacy organization One Million Moms had started a petition against Zola’s ad being featured on the Hallmark Channel.