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The Christmas Movie Parade Has Only Just Begun

So three days into the Christmas season you’ve probably already watched The Knight Before Christmas (Netflix), Holiday in the Wild starring Rob Lowe and Kristin Davis (also Netflix) and Kelly Rowland in her Xmas-movie debut in Lifetime’s Merry Liddle Christmas (and avoided Last Christmas like your drunk uncle). But there’s still a lot more bizarrely unique Christmas romance the next few week’s, so plan accordingly.

A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby is the third installment in this Netflix Xmas extravaganza that takes place in the made-up country of Aldovia. It Premiers on December 5th.

Broadway legend Kristin Chenowith comes to Hallmark Channel on December 7th to star in A Christmas Love Story where she’ll play a high school choir director. While not billed as a musical, we can only hope.

In spite of all these famous actors appearing in my Christmas schmaltz, I think what I am most excited about seeing this Christmas season the buzzed-about gay kiss in Lifetime’s Twinkle All the Way.

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