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College Sweetheart Proposes to Girlfriend On Her Last Day of Chemotherapy

Of course, she said yes!

This is a lovely true tale of love conquering all!

Jillian Hanson met Max Allegretti in college, and they fell madly in love, but then she was diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer at only 25. She gave him a chance to bow out of the relationship when she was diagnosed, but he refused and instead accompanied her on every one of her chemotherapy sessions at New York’s Memorial Sloane Kettering. He often came up with treats or small surprises for Jillian for after-chemotherapy, because her energy was low.

So, in her last chemotherapy session, Jillian wasn’t expecting much more than a treat, but Max got down on one knee and pulled out an engagement ring.

“I was thinking about it for a long time," Allegretti said. "I spoke with her family and friends, and we all decided it would bring a lot more joy even to the special day it was going to be already."

The proposal was captured on video where you can see Allegretti ask for Hanson’s hand in marriage, as she is surrounded by her nurses and family. You can see she is shocked. When she replied "yes," everyone cheered.

"I wasn't expecting it; he made this big elaborate plan of the day," Hanson explained. "That was the ultimate high -- getting engaged brought great light to me after a really dark spot."

In October of 2018, during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the newly engaged couple met Lauren Grech at a fundraiser for Breasties, an organization Hanson became involved with after her breast cancer diagnosis. Grech is the founder of the wedding planning company LLG Events and offered to give the couple the wedding of lifetime.

The couple was just married on October 18 in a lovely, fairy tale New Jersey wedding.

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