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How to Keep a Secret by Sarah Morgan


Three generations of women spend a summer together and must learn to function again as a family. But as this story shows, "You never really knew what was going on in someone else's life."

How to Keep a Secret is my favorite book about family, particularly sisters, to date. Excellent women's fiction with a second-chance romance entwined! It's about so much more than family dynamics though. It deals with marriage, parenting, infertility, grief, secrets, forgiveness, starting over and second chances. It's about trusting others with your vulnerability and your heart, and trusting yourself with another shot at love and happiness.

I so enjoyed this book. Sarah Morgan's writing style is full of humor, tame romance and issues that many readers can relate to. I found it emotional, engaging, and hopeful, and it included characters that were easy to invest in. Check it out!


Publisher: Harlequin Books

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