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Affair with a Spare by Shana Galen


There’s enough treachery, intrigue, passion and adventure in this spy vs. spy romance to keep readers going through the slow start of this third in the Survivor series. Galen’s unique mixture of poignancy and passion, unexpected plot twists and likeable characters (even hedgehogs) are just what her fans ordered and why she is a star of the genre.

Rafe Beaumont is handsome, charming and a spy. He survives the war by seducing military secrets from women involved with powerful Frenchmen. His latest mission is to beguile a French assassin’s daughter. Collette Forlier isn’t falling for Rafe’s charm. He might be the most fascinating man she has ever met, but her father is being held hostage in France and she will do anything and everything to set him free. She cannot allow Rafe to woo and win her secrets or her heart.

It is Collette who must lure secrets from Rafe if she is to rescue her father. She must keep her growing attraction for Rafe at bay. Her “cold shoulder” and nervous babbling about hedgehog mating habits, have Rafe believing he’s lost his magic touch and working all the harder to get her into his bed. Their game turns to passion, but is there a way they can both win?


Publisher: Sourcebooks

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