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Rule Breaker by Cat Carmine


What happens when a stressed out good girl meets a wicked bad boy? This book!

This book is crazy!! Wow!!! Emma is a bit OCD shall we say, and she is the author of a book about relationships like that old dating book from the 90s. She meets Tyler and sparks fly!! Those rules are tossed out the window. Tyler pushes her buttons and gets her to live on the edge. They proceed to break every rule in her book, and some in a very very public way!

Let me say it again. Wow!!! This book was crazy!! This was definitely a laugh out loud book for me. The characters are smart, fun and full of life. I was impressed by the creativity of the author. I think that anyone who likes romantic comedy will love this. But beware --there are some who might see this as basically sex with a total stranger, so that may put some people off. I loved it!

Category: Contemporary Romance

Publisher: Self-Published

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