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Interview with Debra Hyde

Debra Hyde writes for everyone, across the orientation and gender spectra. Her short fiction and nonfiction has appeared in several Lambda Literary Award-winning anthologies and her own novel, Story of L, won the 2011 Lambda Literary Award for lesbian erotica.

Her novel, The Tattered Heiress, part of her Charlotte Olmes Mystery series, was a 2016 Lambda finalist. A previous erotic novel, Provenance, was a 2014 Golden Crown Award finalist in lesbian erotica.


What's the story behind your latest book?

Blind Seduction tells the tale of a married couple exploring new avenues of sexual adventures at a pansexual BDSM resort. Their every discovery leads them to refine – and redefine – their intimate repertoire. But all isn’t well – a predatory stalker will threaten their happiness and demand they rise up to overcome his terrible intentions. Yet it’s the sum total of their experiences, both large and small, that led them to a greater love and an unbreakable devotion to one another.


What is the greatest joy of writing for you?

Conjuring each moment, scene by scene, that leads to the whole. It doesn’t matter if it’s a contemporary tale, a historical setting, or a murder mystery–the process is the same for me. I love what comes from the imagination and work of writing.


What is your writing Kryptonite?

Two things: First, the story itself. The process of discovering and weaving the elements that, out of the mist of imagination, bring a story into being. I love being a storyteller.

Second: FANS! I’m thrilled when readers tell me how much they enjoy my work. A good word from a ready can really keep me motivated.

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What are you currently working on?

Oh boy, now that’s a question! I’ve had to take some time off for family obligations but am slowly resuming my work on three very different projects. I’m writing another novel in my Story of L universe, the third Charlotte Olmes historical mystery, and starting a contemporary cozy mystery series. Each comes with their own conventions and requirements, which really keeps me on my toes!


What drives you to keep on writing?

First, my inner storyteller can’t be kept silent for any length of time. Second, the reward of sending a novel go out into the world. Third–but far from last, appreciative and loyal readers. I cannot begin to tell you the satisfaction and lift I experience from these facets of a writer’s life.


If you could tell your younger writing self anything, what would it be?

All that daydreaming and reading was worth it!

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