February 16, 2020

As Valentine’s Day comes to a close, after all the chocolate has been eaten, after all the movies have been watched, and after all the dinner dates are done, let’s remember that it doesn’t take one day in the year to tell someone you love them. And that someone need not be a significant other. It could be a friend, a family member, or even a pet. Just spread the love, somehow. 

One anonymous student attending Troy High School in Ohio certainly made sure to spread the love when they decided to prepare colorful origami hearts for their fellow...

February 14, 2020

You might think there’s not a lot of choice this year, but you’d be surprised by two of the smaller films on offer.  I was.

I had heard that Portrait of a Lady on Fire was the lesbian film of the year (last year) and I noticed that it was being re-released for Valentine’s Day this year, so I arranged to go to a screening, not really knowing what the film was about.  It blew me away, so much so that I can honestly say that it was by far the best film I’ve seen in the last year. 

It tells the story of an artist who is sent to a small Frenc...

February 13, 2020

still captured from season two, episode 16

I am single this year, by choice, on Valentine’s Day.  I am working three jobs and a little too pre-occupied.  I know that I just don’t have the time, patience or the inclination to be charming and coiffed at my age for someone else’s amusement, so I am facing Valentine’s Day uncoupled.

But we all know that a divorced mom is never really alone.

I was talking to my co-workers about my lack of Valentine’s Day plans – and my true ambivalence about the holiday, even though I work in the romance publi...

February 11, 2020

Not everyone loves or wants chocolate shaped hearts, and America's candy manufacturers are well aware of that, that’s why Skittles, Lindt and Kit Kat are rolling out something different this year.

Skittles has introduced their Love Mix, which features a combination of red, pink and white candies in the flavors of watermelon, white grape and cherry.

Kit Kat is offering a new Raspberry Crème candy bar, which consists of the familiar crisp wafer, coated in raspberry-flavored white crème. The new candy is a pretty pink chocolate bar.

Lindt is offe...

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