May 29, 2020

Image taken from Netflix 

Australian Hannah Gadsby up-ended American comedy last year when her freshman Netflix special “Nanette” made us all see that there was a whole new way of making fun of our society without being misogynistic and/or racist.  She gave us a new definition of punching up managing to cover sexual assault and bullying in a comedy routine, and not make it squicky.

“Douglas” is the title of her latest Netflix special, named after her dog (and, we learn, a interior private part of the female anatomy that was named after a man...

Families all have little secrets, but the Masons had a big one: The family business was porn… which sounds like the lead-in to a grim story of shame and abuse, of which the film is the exact opposite.

Directed by daughter Rachel Mason and featuring her parents, Karen and Barry, and brothers, Micah and Josh—Circus of Books explores the paradoxes of growing up the children of an ordinary, genial couple who owned and operated the most famous gay porn shop in West Hollywood. On the one hand, bar mitzvahs, family dinners, school life and trips to...

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