March 31, 2020

If you’ve burned through Netflix’s one-of-kind documentary Tiger King in two or three days (do you know anyone who hasn’t?), and are caught up on your favorite shows, it might be time to sign up for one of the free streaming trials (here’s a list, that ranges in everything from Disney Plus, Hulu, Netflix and Prime to vast libraries of old films.  

But what to watch?

Your tastes may have changed in isolation. I know that I have absolutely no des...

March 12, 2020

Once again a small, itsy bitsy piece of LGBTQ+ representation is being criticized and, consequently, banned from particular markets. This time it’s Pixar’s latest film Onward, banned in four Middle Eastern countries, for a miniscule scene where nothing is actually shown.

In one scene, as The Mary Sue explained, “Lena Waithe’s character, Officer Specter, mentions her girlfriend’s child when Barley (Chris Pratt) and Ian (Tom Holland) are trying to trick the cops and get out of trouble using magic.”

And, according to the BBC, “The character choi...

March 6, 2020

After Billy Porter’s recently stunning red carpet looks, most of which have been wickedly gorgeous gowns, the Internet couldn’t help compare him to Cinderella’s fairy godmother. And it got people thinking, what if Billy Porter played the fairy godmother in a live-action adaptation of Cinderella? 

And while the news was released to the public back in October regarding the casting of Sony’s Cinderella, Porter recently revealed in an interview with CBSNews that he will be playing the fairy godmother as genderless, even if it isn’t directly stat...

January 31, 2020

Enrique Salanic

The latest example of president Trump’s aggressive policy on travel restrictions and in particular his stance towards people from south of the border comes as Los Angeles-based distributor Outsider Pictures says it is running out of options to bring Enrique Salanic into the county to promote the film.

The fast-rising, US-educated actor earned strong reviews for his lead performance in the Venice 2018 premiere as an impoverished 19-year-old gay man who lives with his mother and falls in love for the first time. 

The film launche...

January 30, 2020

“José (magnetic newcomer Enrique Salanic) lives with his mother (Ana Cecilia Mota) in Guatemala City, where they survive on her selling sandwiches at bus stops and with him working at a local restaurant. In this poor and sometimes dangerous country dominated by conservative Catholic and Evangelical Christian religion, living as an openly gay man is hard for José to imagine. His mother has never had a husband, and as her youngest and favorite son, on the edge of manhood at 19-years old, she is determined to hold on to him. Reserved and priva...

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