May 2, 2020

Americans are a people that gravitate towards celebrities in order to understand and comprehend the trends of the world, and to provide us with an overwhelming sense of entertainment in our ‘boring’ lives (at least in comparison to them). Many of these celebrities, such as reality television stars from highly popular shows like The Bachelor and The Real Housewives, have no formal talent, simply just good looks and loads of money.

However, with the COVID-19 pandemic overtaking our lives, I have honestly begun to question the real point of cel...

April 6, 2020

It seems a new genre of music parody has come about through all the chaotic mess that is coronavirus. With thousands, sometimes millions, of followers at singers’ and celebrities’ and YouTube stars’ fingertips, their influence to encourage people to stay home and flatten the curve is essential, and also creative. Many have decided to put pen to paper and write parodies of famous songs to encourage people to stay home and wash their hands. They have also been documenting the quarantine through song as well. 

Take for instance YouTuber Sharon...

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