April 16, 2020

We all hear the coming out stories of either parents accepting their child’s coming out as a completely normal thing, or out right rejection of their child coming out. It’s either one side of the spectrum, or the other. Good or bad--unconditional love or confusion and outright rejection. But we never hear of the fuzzy in between; the times where a parent might be just as confused as their child, the times where a parent wants to understand, but just doesn’t know how to voice their acceptance. 

In an Easter miracle, one Twitter user, Annie Ke...

April 13, 2020

Easter Season usually reigns as the ideal holiday for families to come together and celebrate the Rising of Christ, if you follow a Christian faith, or even, for some, to simply gather with those whom you might not see so often. Many people, to an extent, according to Connie Chow (founder of dailycaring.com), use Easter as a marking of the entrance into Springtime. Most have their annual traditions; for my family growing up, we,--my younger brother and I--would check early in the morning to observe what the Easter Bunny stuffed our baskets...

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