February 26, 2020

So you think you have family drama?

Imagine Englishman James Lubbock’s surprise when after he left home for college, his ‘happy” parents separated after a huge Christmas argument and were divorced by the end of the next year.  

A few years later, his father asked him to dinner saying he had something he had to tell him. According to Lubbock’s account in the Huffington Post, “He played with his soup, and looked decidedly nervous through our starters, which was very strange for me to see – Dad was usually so confident and certainly never a...

February 4, 2020

Before they could even get around to filing a marriage license, Pam Anderson and new husband movie producer Jon Peters have called it quits. According to Anderson’s friends, even though the couple have known each other for three decades, and dated once before in the 90’s, things did not work out quite as well as they anticipated once they were living together, so they are NOT living together anymore.

In a statement she gave to The Hollywood Reporter, Anderson said, "I have been moved by the warm reception to Jon and my union. We would be ver...

January 25, 2020

 Bradd pitt and Jennifer Aniston

After the Screen Actors Guild Awards ceremony this past week where both Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston each won best acting awards in their respective categories and were seen by millions being friendly to each other, the Hollywood and gossip sites were aflutter with their eternal buzz of the possibility that this former husband and wife might rekindle their romance. Video of Pitt admiring Aniston accept her award went viral and everyone gushed.

Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton 

As much as we love the second...

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