May 21, 2020

As of May 12th, all Broadway productions will stay closed until September 6th, extending an already long temporary closure of the shows that began on March 12th, or the day the theaters went dark. The Coronavirus pandemic has caused all forms of entertainment to be shut down until an unknown date, forcing many actors and other stage crew to go on-to unemployment. However Broadway is not the only theater platform in the world that has temporarily closed its doors. While some are guaranteed to reopen, other theaters’ futures are beginning to...

April 3, 2020

With New York City being the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic in the United States, Broadway, for the first time, has come to a grinding halt and all shows have been cancelled  beginning March 12th through at least April 20th. And as the pandemic continues to spread, that cancellation could last further into June.

But although the theatres have shut down, Broadway has opened up their archival vaults to the digital world through the hash tag #BroadwayRewind. 

Fans of Broadway shows can now zoom through the ages to witness clips from the 2...

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