August 22, 2018


Marcus, Duke of Autenberry, is running away to his estate in the highlands of Scotland when he comes across a wife auction in a village market square. Alyse Bell has fulfilled the seven-year contract for a 'white wedding' and now is ready to move on, providing her best friend buys her and takes her to London. When he doesn't show up, Alyse is left to the dubious mercy of the crowd—until Marcus buys her out of pity.

Apparently, this was a real thing in the days when divorces and annulments were hard to come by. It makes for an int...

August 20, 2018


Felicity Faircloth is on the outside, spurned by her former friends and 'ruined' in the eyes of the Ton. She's the perfect weapon for Devil, one of the Bareknuckle Bastards, to use against his brother, the Duke of Marwick. But Felicity turns out to be more than Devil expects.

I love Sarah MacLean’s work but I had some trouble with the beginning of this book. Felicity was not a typical daughter of a Marquess, running around Covent Garden unaccompanied and picking locks, and I usually like my historicals to be pretty acc...

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